On January 12, a massive earthquake struck the impoverished country of Haiti 10 miles from the capital of Port-au-Prince, home to an estimated two million residents. Early reports indicate the temblor, with a magnitude of 7.0 and aftershocks as high as 5.9, has caused catastrophic damage, turning large sections of the city to rubble.We are all saddened by the devastation in Haiti.  Below you will find a list of some legitimate charities that are already on the ground in Haiti helping.

1. Partners in Health: Partners in Health and its partner organization Zanmi Lasante has worked in Haiti for nearly twenty-five years, and today is one of the largest non-governmental health care providers in the country.

2. World Food Programme: A full emergency operation is being prepared to supply food assistance to around 2 million beneficiaries for six months initially.

3. Oxfamamerica: Oxfam has a staff of 200 stationed in the country, including a highly trained emergency response team of between 10 and 15 members who are well-versed in urban work. Oxfam affiliates have been working in Haiti since 1978. Some of their focus has been on helping people establish stronger livelihoods and mitigate disasters.

4. Doctors without Borders: has already treated more than 1,000 people on the ground in Haiti following Tuesday’s earthquake, but the needs are huge. An inflatable hospital with operating theatres is expected to arrive in the next 24 hours.

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