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November 2015 Book Reviews


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In their voicesIn Their Voices: Black Americans on Transracial Adoption by Rhonda M. Roorda – This is a straight forward and very eye opening book for white families adopting black or bi-racial children.  With a lot of adoption history as well as civil rights history there are interviews with prominant figures that speak on helping trans-racially adopted children learn about their roots, learn what it means to come from whatever rich culture they are from.  Its about helping white families empower their children of color without sugar coating the realities, its about teaching parents how to help their children of color grow up in a still very racist society.  While some of the content of this book might be very in your face, its needed to break through the barriers of many white parents who take on a color blind approach to parenting. The world isn’t color blind so adopting transracially often means getting out of your comfort zone for the sake of your children.

This book also provides a wake up call to agencies and those who place children for adoption to educate families and really find the appropriate families to raise children of color.  Not all families are cut out for the job, it’s not always comfortable, its not always easy but the rewards are worth it when you raise a confident child who has a sense of cultural identity. Straddling two worlds can be complicated as Ms. Roorda can attest to as a woman of color raised by white parents.  This is not a book bashing trans-racial adoption in fact she supports it but also encourages families to step up and look at the hard questions in deciding if trans-racial adoption is the right fit for thier family and encourages agencies to take step out of their comfort zones and really teach families about what trans-racial adoption really entails. price $25.16 (pb)

which one of you is the motherWhich One of You is the Mother?: The Absolutely Positively True Adoption Story of Two Gay Dads by Sean Michael O’Donnell – This is a quick often laugh out loud funny collection of essays written by Sean O’Donnell about how his life changed after adopting two children through foster care.  He touches on the hoops they had to jump through, some of the feelings they encountered at having to choose certain criteria in their children, and how it felt not knowing the past of these two wonderful kids that are now part of their family. Parenting changes you, and your life and Sean O’Donnell has some amazing insights into how wonderful and underappreciated some of them are.  If you are looking for something light but with some insight this is a good choice. price$7.99 (PB)  Kindle Price $4.99

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