Special Needs Adoption

Adopting a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder

autism-3612854_960_720Approximately 1 in every 59 children are born with an autism spectrum disorder every year. In addition, boys are four times more likely to get diagnosed then girls. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, “autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that affects common action and behavior.” As the rates of autism continue to rise, a parent needs to become prepared especially if expecting parents are considering adopting a child with ASD.

When considering adopting a child with ASD, you must make sure you are knowledgeable about every aspect of autism. ASD impacts brain development in either a minor or major way. The disorder can be categorized in several ways ranging from difficulties with social interaction, reading and/or writing difficulties, repetitive behaviors and more. One of the most commonly names used to describe ASD is Asperger’s syndrome.

When filling out your preferred checklist, make sure to ask your partner if you are both comfortable and capable of supporting a child with special needs. Make sure you both consider all the factors of having a child with ASD such as the frequent doctor visits, additional help with school and the ability to advocate for the child. Once you’ve made the decision, make sure to be honest with yourself and not to feel guilty if you decide not to.

The sad truth is that many children with any disability of some sort end up in foster care because of the limited resources that their biological family has to care for them. When considering adopting a child on the spectrum, you would need attributes that are necessary to raise any child such as love, nurture and patience. Once you have a child picked, it is important to identify the specific needs of the child. To ensure this, the complete medical history of the child must be present. Further along the process, you will need to find the appropriate schooling and medical assistance for your child which may entitle some extra work. Ultimately, it’s a hard job but a very rewarding one that any family is capable of handling.

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