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What pregnant women look for in an adoption profile

Adoption profiles are not science. There is not a formula of what to or not include because every expecting parent is looking for something different.

However; there are some major things that expecting parents seek in an adoption profile.

A Genuine Connection

I think this goes without saying, but being yourself is one of the most important things in your adoption profile. Expectant parents want to connect with a real person, not feel like they are reading a job application.

When birth parents are asked why they chose a certain family, the most common response is “I had a gut feeling” or “I felt a connection”. This is why is so important to be yourself. Being genuine is what will make the right expecting parent chose you and your family.

Some families are chosen because they share the same cultural background as the expecting parents, or they enjoy they same hobbies or something as simple as having a dog. The only way expecting parents can connect with you is by being genuinely yourself.

Happy Pictures

While words can help expecting parents connect to the prospective adoptive parents, pictures can make or break this connection.

The saying “pictures are worth 1,000 word” is so true for adoption profiles. When an expecting parent is going through a stack of profiles, it’s often the pictures that catch their eye first. As mentioned previously, being yourself is important and staging pictures to make them look something they are not is something expecting parents can see right through.

Being able to have candid, high quality pictures is important. If you ever have questions about what pictures to use, you can ask your social worker for guidance.

A Positive View on Adoption

Adoption is a difficult decision that expecting parents have to make. Having a the peace of mind that the prospective adoptive parent respects and celebrates adoption is something that can be very reassuring for the expecting parents.

Every case is different in the amount of openness that expecting parents are looking for, but knowing that the prospective adoptive parents will respect the agreement and are open to listening to the expecting parents is something very important.

When creating the profile try to put yourself in their shoes and thinking about what might be going through their mind while looking at your profile. While you do not want to make false promises in your profile, be sure to include how adoption will be celebrated in your family.

There is noright” way to create your adoption profile. The most important thing is to be yourself and the right expecting parents will choose your family!

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