Son of Mine

“Son of Mine” lyrics were written by an AFTH adoptive father, Justin. Singer, song writer, story teller, and father: The story of Justin’s journey to fatherhood can be found in our previous post. Justin has performed this piece in-front of a live audience and looks forward to recording the song in his next studio session.

Son of Mine

Son of mine, clouds are often silver-lined

Son of mine, our paths in life are intertwined

So many tears of joy we shed for you, my boy

And bid farewell to some bitter times

Our deepest wish came true when we laid eyes on you

Now we’re singing praise and nursery rhymes

Oh, son of mine


Son of mine, may you grow up strong on a fertile vine

Son of mine, may you live life full and age like wine

When things get tense and they just don’t make sense

Stop and catch your breath for a little while

And if you ever feel you got a lousy deal

Remember that you’re loved and you just might smile

Oh, my dear child


And when you look in the mirror, tell me who you see

Is he any reflection of your mother and me?

When I look in your big brown eyes, I tell you what I see…

You are the heart and soul of this family


Don’t underestimate the twists and turns of fate

That led you straight into our clan

And if it be God’s will, we’ll help you gain the means and skill

To fulfill your goals, dreams and plans

Oh, as you become a man

Son of mine, little fire burning bright

Son of mine, Phoenix rising in the night                                                                                                    

Oh, I love you… son of mine           


℗ © 2012 Southern Bound Music (ASCAP)


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