The Importance of Hospital Staff and Nurse Training on Adoption

Adoption has many moving parts. From birth parents, adoptive parents, and agency workers, to lawyers, extended families, and hospital staff and nurses. Each individual part has a different perspective and role in the adoption process. Since nurses and hospital staff are often unaware of the intricate pieces of the adoption world, it’s sometimes hard for said individuals to be understanding, even empathetic when unique families enter into the hospital setting. This is where the importance of hospital training comes into play. Trained medical professionals make for a professional and smoothly run adoption experience for all moving pieces of the adoption process. Listed below are ways hospital staff can strive toward educating and learning  better ways to serve unique families. This will make for a more positive experience within the  adoption process for all parties involved, including themselves.

Request Adoption Training

If you know you can be put in the position to be a nurse or staff member handling an adoption at the hospital it is important to know all the information about adoption and training on all types of situations that can happen at the hospital. 

Here at Adoptions From The Heart, we offer seminars and workshops for professionals. We have created easy-access on-demand online webinars, offering CEU training for nurses and social workers as well as specific adoption-related topics for prospective adoptive parents and their families. If you are interested in scheduling a presentation for your staff please call our local offices at 800.355.5500 or visit us at

Staying up to date on your hospital’s policies and procedures

To keep everything running smoothly it is important to know the policies and procedures of your hospital so you can answer any questions birth parents or adoptive parents may have. If all parties are on the same page and following hospital procedures, rules and regulations, everything should run smoothly, resulting in less confusion. 

Learn positive adoption language

Hospital staff and nurses’ language is very important when communicating with both the birth parents and the adoptive parents. Negative language can have a terrible impact on both parties that could ruin the hospital experience. If an expecting birth mother has intentions on placing her baby at the time of birth, there are already going to be high emotions. What you say or do as her medical professional, could leave a denting impact. The way we phrase our words and the words we choose say a lot about what we think personally or value. Hospital staff need to push their personal feelings aside and be there to support both parties. An example to keep in mind; Instead of saying “give up a child for adoption” use the term “made an adoption plan” or “place your child for adoption”. On the AFTH website under “Education”, we have a link to a glossary of adoption terms and phrases that would be appropriate to use in the hospital setting. 

Understand your influence and impact

The hospital staff’s energy, support, and role in the adoptee’s birth will never be forgotten because you are part of the most important day in so many people’s lives.  Treating everyone with respect and being eager to understand each situation goes a long way for both the adoptive parents and the birth parents. It is so important that when you touch the lives of these people you are doing it with respect, love, and understanding because you are helping create a family every day.

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