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July Book Reviews

All books can be purchased through by clicking on the links below.

Snowflakes: A Flurry of Adoption Stories by Theresa Kellher- The personal experiences from all sides of adoption were so inspirational.  Snowflakes: A Flurry of Adoption Stories is a must read. It expresses in words that families come in many forms and from many places, it is the love that binds them. This book will enlighten and inspire you.  $18.00 from

What I Want My Adopted Child to Know: An Adoptive Parent’s Perspective by Sally Bacchetta- this book gives a tender, revealing look at adoption from the parent perspective. Whether you are an adoptive parent, an adoptee, someone considering adoption, or simply curious about adoption dynamics, What I Want My Adopted Child to Know: An Adoptive Parent’s Perspective will touch your heart and increase your sensitivity to the challenges and joys that are unique to adoptive parenting. Bacchetta refuses to embrace (or allow her children to embrace) the victim mythology too common in our society. She insists that her children take responsibility for themselves, their decisions, and their lives. (“You’re not unique because you’re adopted. You’re unique because you’re you.”) Bacchetta manages to do this while still acknowledging that adoption has a life-changing impact on all involved — the child, birth/first parents, adoptive parents, extended family on both sides of the equation. It is rare to find a book that takes the specific and applies it to the general in such a way.  A must read for adoptive parents.  Price $11.16 from

The Brotherhood of Joseph: A Father’s Memoir of Infertility and Adoption in the 21st Century by Brooks Hanson – Offering men a chance to be heard and women a rare opportunity to view the struggle with infertility from a male perspective, The Brotherhood of Joseph brings to life the anger, frustration, humor, heartbreak, and sense of helplessness that come to dominate the husband’s role. As his remarkable account reaches its finale in Siberia, however, Hansen’s once again becomes the story of a husband and a wife who, even after years of medical frustration and fruitless paperwork, still must take one last risk together and trust in their most basic instincts before their new family can be born. Price $24.95 from

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