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My Son’s Adoption Journey From Infancy to Searching: Part 1 Becoming a Family

Guest post written by Amy Gaylon, an adoptive mother who assisted and supported her son in his search for his birth mother.

We took Alex home to Pennsylvania from New York five days after he was born. We have always told him that he is adopted before he could even speak or ask questions.

Our family was so happy and supportive and our two daughters were thrilled to have a new baby brother. One of our girls even asked if he would grow up with a New York accent because he was born in New York.

Everything leading up to the day we adopted Alex was positive, including the home study and finding friends and loved ones to write positive reviews of myself and my husband. Although I am a worrier by nature, I surprisingly never felt any worry during the revocation period after Alex was in my arms. I truly felt, and still feel, that he is a part of my heart.

As Alex grew, so did his curiosity. And because he knew that he was adopted his entire life, he was never afraid to ask questions regarding his unique situation. We would read him books about adoption and in first grade when the school  counselor asked if any students knew about adoption, Alex was the first to raise his hand because he was so proud to be adopted. Around this same time, one of Alex’s friends asked him why his mom didn’t want him. Alex said, “She does want me, and she’s right upstairs. “ I have to admit that I was eavesdropping on Alex and his friends at the time.

When doctors would ask Alex about his family’s health history, the gap in knowledge was prevalent. He would respond saying, “Not applicable. I’m adopted!” But Alex always wanted to know more about his background, and we felt that someday he might want to search for his biological mother. Alex knew that his biological mother was about the same age as his oldest sister and very young to care for a child. Because his biological mother was so young, Alex always assumed that his  biological father was probably out of the picture. But one thing that Alex has always taught us is to expect the unexpected, so stay tuned to hear what happened when Alex decided to look for his biological mother and make a documentary about his experience.

Part 2 – coming July 10th

5 thoughts on “My Son’s Adoption Journey From Infancy to Searching: Part 1 Becoming a Family”

  1. I ❤️This.. I’m Trina’s best friend from middle school, and all I can say is God is great. Alex and your family are angels. My ❤️ Is over whelmed.

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