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Can You Still Have A Gender Reveal Party If Your Adopting?

It’s no secret that gender reveal parties have become increasingly popular over the last few years. They’ve gone from just a few people to large gatherings almost overnight. If you’re considering adoption or have already begun the process you might be thinking about having one. Some speculators approve, while others strongly disagree. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. Here’s what to consider when trying to make the decision. 

Technically the baby isn’t yours yet. Until the adoption is finalized anything can happen. As a prospective adoptive parent, it is important to know the risks that the adoption process entails. Celebrating too soon can cause major heartbreak for not just you and your partner, but your family and friends too.

Social media. If you have a party there will be plenty of camera-ready moments to document. Naturally, you and your guests will want to share the photos and videos. Should anything go wrong, you’ll be forced to delete the photos and give your followers an explanation. If you chose not to celebrate, this can all be avoided. Another option would be to have the party, but kindly ask your guests not to share any photos. 

It can look coercive. The expectant mom might feel pressured if you decide to throw a party for the baby that technically still belongs to her. By throwing the party you are claiming the child as yours before anything is finalized. You don’t want to unintentionally force your potential child’s birth parents into placing.

Consider alternative options. Gender reveals and baby showers are still possible post-placement. If you can wait until after your baby is born to have any celebrations. They will be even more special with your baby present. If your heart is set on a gender reveal, opt to keep it small. Invite the grandparents and your closest friends. If for any reason adoption plans change the damage will be minimal. 

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