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May 2012 Book Reviews

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Mommy’s Heart Went POP!: An adoption Story – by Christina Kyllonen & Peter Greer–  This is a beautifully illustrated book about an international adoption in Africa by a Caucasian family who already has two children.  The story touches on how they tell the other children, how they get the house ready and how they are always thinking of the child who is” growing in Mommy’s heart but not her belly.”Hidden in each illustration is a heart (I found most of them but some stumped me) which you and your children will have fun trying to locate  as you read the story.  Proceeds from the sale of the book help 4-more and provides grants for adoption and supports organizations addressing the orphan crisis. price $19.99

Raising Abel by Carolyn Nash– This book grabs you from the Prologue when 3 year old Able comes toddling into the kitchen and tells his mother that he is going to kill her with a big knife. Shock, horror, sadness are the only words that come to mind as I read that opening passage. What had happened in this little boys short life that would leave him so angry? Carolyn Nash didn’t think she would ever be a mother, she attended an adoption information meeting with a friend and a short time later she found herself walking out of a shelter with little Abel’s hand in hers. Despite the difficult subject matter this book is well done, and despite some of its darker passages it gives you hope that there are people out there like Carolyn to care and love hurt and abused children and help them grow and thrive. As for the children they are survivors, who have learned to overcome so much. This is one of those books that stays with you for a long time. price $13.51 for paperback  – $3.99 for the Kindle edition

Delivering Hope: The Extraordinary Journey of a Surrogate Mom by Pamela MacPhee– An honest account of being a surrogate in the US. Surrogacy has a lot of mystery surrounding it and there are both positive and negative ideas about it.  This book helps shed light into this little known practice, from the feelings of carrying a life for someone else, to the crass remarks that strangers make when they find out that you are a surrogate mother. price $13.22 – paperback

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